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EG Aqr superoutburst

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EG Aqr superoutburst

EG Aquarii (UGSU)

ASAS-SN Sky Patrol observations:
AQREG 20171029.054 <16.35V ASN
AQREG 20171103.250 12.92V ASN
AQREG 20171104.276 13.10V ASN
AQREG 20171105.316 13.24V ASN

The most recently observed superoutburst of EG Aqr was detected by Rod Stubbings on 2015 August 21 (vsnet-alert 18998).

Time-resolved photometry is recommended.

Clear skies,
Hiroyuki Maehara wrote:

EG Aqr is in outburst.

Visual magnitude estimates by VSOLJ members

object YYYYMMDD(UT) mag code
AQREG 20171105.593 135 Mhh.VSOLJ
CYGV503 20171105.572 143 Mhh.VSOLJ

Observer: Hiroyuki Maehara (Okayama, Japan)
Instruments: 30cmL

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