The Light Curve of SU Carinae

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Alan Plummer

Linden Observatory, 105 Glossop Road, NSW 2778 Australia

Mati Morel

6 Blakewell Road, NSW 2322 Australia


Received February 15, 2008; revised February 18, 2008; accepted February 18, 2008



Pitfalls for observers are highlighted through examination of the light curve of SU Car. For many years this Mira variable has been misidentified during certain parts of its light curve. The reasons are explored and valid observations discerned. A reviewed light curve is presented, to which is added data (containing no misidentifications) from 1962 to 1972. This last is presented as part of a longer- term, if fragmentary, light curve, probably for the first time. Finally, a new "g" scale chart is offered to aid better quality observations in the future.

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