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Error Box with no text trying to launch vstar

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Error Box with no text trying to launch vstar

Hello Everyone,

When downloading java everything goes fine. Then once I try to launch vstar from the aavso site using "Download via Java Web Start" the vstar logo shows up, but is then followed by a textless error box. No idea what the issue could be. Tried on a seperate windows machine (both 64-bit) and it was fine. Only difference is the one that didnt work was the "home" edition od windows 10, while the working one was "pro". Any ideas? Using chrome for both machines. 


Thank you



David Benn
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Error on launch

Hi Stipe

What version of Java have you downloaded?

On the page, there are also Windows zip and installer files you can download. Do either of these work for you?

I tried the Download via Java Web Start link earlier on my macOS Catalina laptop with Java 1.8 and it worked fine.


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