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error or bug?

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nigel wakefield
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error or bug?

In the last day I have started to get this message when trying to see the latest obs submitted for alf ori:

 American Association of Variable Star Observers

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WebObs Search Results

There were errors fetching your search results:

  • invalid literal for float(): 2458889.57 we

This occurs with both laptop/Ubuntu and pad/android. I have not tried it with any other star.



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Data error corrected

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Nigel.

There was a problem with a data record which I just corrected.

Everything should be working OK now.

Best regards,

P.S. in the future, please use the "file upload" tool to attach images to your forum posts rather than trying to put them into the comments field.


nigel wakefield
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Sorry for that. I just copied

Sorry for that. I just copied and pasted. Will have to go via image file route in future.

All working fine now.





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