Everybody's Doing It, Even Arne!

If you haven't had a chance to observe Nova Del 2013 yet, don't worry, it appears to still be on the rise. According to the latest AAVSO data, Nova Del 2013 was last seen over Australia at magnitude 4.4 visual, and the trend is upward. This places Nova Del 2013 in the top 30 brightest novae in recorded history. 

If you can get out under the stars in the next few days you may be able to see the first naked eye nova in quite some time. The last one I remember was Nova Sco 2007 (V1280 Sco).

If you look closely at this light curve, you will see observer HQA highlighted with a blue crosshair. This is Arne Henden's first visual observation ever submitted to the International Database!