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FD Star Catalog

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FD Star Catalog


I have found quite a few references to stars listed starting with "FD" however I have not been able to get a cross reference of other lead on them.

Even when listed with other stars which show up in SIMBAD these stars do not appear in the listing.

I was wondering if anyone may have solved this mystery?

John R

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Hi John,Try PV nnnn  or GV

Hi John,

Try PV nnnn  or GV nnn.  PV has worked for me with the limited number of FP nnnn designations I've come across.  

Jack Crast 

Sebastian Otero
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FD stars and the Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects

Hi John,

The place to go is the Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects hosted by SIMBAD.

And more specifically to:

where we can find that the star designations come from a paper by Fehrenbach and Duflot and they are stars in the LMC. Was that the case with the stars you found?


Catalog references in VizieR

Speaking of which, I am wondering if anyone else has noticed that the APASS link in Vizier requires the object to be input using a designation other than the AUID.  Here is what happens when you look up "AIUD" using the aforementioned Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects:

I think it would be useful if we could cross reference photometry tables to catalogs without having to do searches based on coordinates.



Method Baade Wesselink

Hello, does anyone know if there is a RR Lyrae catalgo with calculated distances Baade Wesselink method

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