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Fermi J0035+6131

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Fermi J0035+6131

For any nova hunters who read this forum:

The Fermi LAT team has reported the detection of a new gamma-ray source in the Galactic Plane

The subject line of this ATel mentions AGN/blazar - if they have a specific reason to think this transient is a blazar, it's not mentioned.

As a nova person, I can't help but think of V959 Mon, the nova that was initially discovered as a LAT transient.

So: it would be great if any nova hunters out there can check the area of the sky around the gamma-ray transient (they quote a 5 arcmin radius error circle).




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out of my FOV :(

On 18 January I made some DSLR images with my 300mm focus (zoom) telephoto lens in Cassiopeia, but unfortunately this field was outside of my regular targets :(
Unfortunately now I'm abroad. Next time it will be Friday when I'll be at home. However I can ask some Hungarian friends to check this area.

Clear skies,


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I shot this area (RA 00h 08m 55.9s,  Dec +61° 31' 51.7") tonight with a BVI time series (60 sec BV & 30 sec I) with a 43cm reflector going down to about magnitude 17.  I did not see anything at that location. Will blink the images to DSS shots tomorrow.


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