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Gaia18bmt: possible microlensing event (13.1 mag) in Centaurus

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Gaia18bmt: possible microlensing event (13.1 mag) in Centaurus


R.A. 14h16m03.56s, Decl. -56°54'48.2" (J2000.0)

>2 mag rise on a red star in the Galactic Plane, candidate microlensing event:

Spectroscopy and multiband photometry are strongly recommended.

Clear skies,

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Already brighter (V= 14.9 mag) than usual on 2018 May 22.103 UT
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Still brightening: June 13.6378UT 12.5V

Gaia18bmt (aka AT 2018cmm ) 20180613.6378UT (JD 2458283.1378): 12.50V Robert Fidrich (HAA/VSS) - using a 0.413m reflector at Siding Spring, Australia.

File upload: 
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Peak of the event is expected to happen between 14 and 18 June

L. Wyrzykowski, M. Gromadzki, K. Kruszynska, K. A. Rybicki, P. Zielinski (Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory): "VLT spectroscopic observations of highly magnified Galactic Disk microlensing event Gaia18bmt" (ATel #11719)

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