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Getting coordinates of comparison stars

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Getting coordinates of comparison stars

Hello -

I am trying to get the coordinates of a standard star with the VSP and for whatever reason I can't get it to work.

I go to the VSP type in the name of the variable star in the name field," RR Tau", and then I choose the photometry table option. I thought this would give me a table of the standard stars in the field with their coordinates but it's just giving me the finder chart. Anyone know what I should be doing to get this information?


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Std Star Coordinates

Did you select a chart size?  Suggest use an "F" size chart, even if you want the photometry file.





Thank you for replying.

Thank you for replying. That's not working. I'm still just getting the visual finder chart with no option to get the photometry table.

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photometry table

I went to VSP from the home page

(observing>variable star charts>variable star plotter)

and entered RR Tau, along with checking the box for photometry table.  That table was then displayed.  So my guess is that you have some option set wrong in the input form.  There is a "reset all" button at the bottom of the form; press that.  Then try again.  If you don't succeed, let us know and we'll get someone to work with you privately.

The other way to get the table, of course, is to go ahead and plot the finder chart.  Then, at the top of that chart is a link called "Photometry Table for this Chart".  Click that and you will get the photometry table (if it exists for any specific field).


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