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Going through the tutorial

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Going through the tutorial

Hi! I am new to VPhot and am making my way through the video tutorial. I know that there was a name change for the program, which is fine, but I am not able to access the sample images of BL Cam that are available to those who used to go to and log in as "demo". Anyone have any idea how I could find those images so I can follow along in the tutorial? Thank you!


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BL Cam images

I think Geir or Ken Mogul can get those to your account. My prediction, wait 24 hours and ...voila, magic, they will suddenly appear.


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BL Cam Images

Voila, magic, they have now appeared.

VPHOT have changed a little bit since the tutorials were made, but the main features are the same, so I think you'll be OK. But feel free to ask if you get stuck.


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Tutorials location?

Where are the VPHOT tutorials located? I have finally decided to go with and learn VPHOT and bag AIP4WIN.  Thanks,  Kevin - PKV

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VPhot Tutorials

Hi Kevin,

I don't know if anyone got back to you on this question, or if you've found them on your own, but the tutorials are in the VPhot program under ->Support -> Video Tutorials


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