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HD 269582 dim again

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HD 269582 dim again

The WR star (HD 269582 = LMC V2756 = Sk-69 142a) that exhibits LBV-like brightenings is dim once more. But note, there are problems with the data set, with a possible miss-identification. (I don't think it's me (PAW), but I'm always openminded!)


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HD 269582


I have started observing this star in nightly snapshots in V and I band.



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I took a spectra of this star just for interest. It is classified as a WN10h star by Crowther and Smith 1997

The spectra image is quite different to the one in the Crowther paper. The hydrogen lines are much stronger and the shape of the He lines is quite different. I assume this is because the spectra  varies with the change in magnitude.



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HD 269582 dim again

Thanks people for following this up. The star exemplifies the complexity of high stellar mass evolution. Like moving to-and-fro across the top of the HR diagram.

I hope the (apparently) mistaken observations can be removed or corrected. But that is not for public posting. Contact me off line if anyone wants to talk about that. My obs seem to be ok. I can post the charts I use, made by Mati Morel, if anyone wants them.

Similarly, the obs for HD 269227 (SK -69o79) are hard to understand. Same observer code, and unfortunately concerning hundreds of observations!

alan (PAW)

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