Help choosing PC for data analysis

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Fri, 07/07/2017 - 10:24


I need a solid, fast PC that can last me a good while that will do heavy - duty data analysis quickly (primarily massive matlab data files). I do some low-key gaming and few research on data analysis videos, but nothing very reliant on graphics. I have $1500 to spend, and because the money's a grant from a fellowship, money's no issue as long as the cost is around $1500, BUT I want something I can rely on for a while and make modifications to as necessary over the next few years.

So any help would be gratefully received.
Thank you.

Good laptop within $1500

Hi JoeClark,

don't worry my buddy, there are lots of pc and laptops are available in the market. You can buy Microsoft surface which will cost $999. Also you can buy lenovo laptops. You can work with your videos on this laptops very easily. 

Btw....what type data analysis video you make? Can you make a space analysis video for me? How much cost it will be?

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Help choosing PC for data analysis

Hi Joe, If you want it to be useful for the next few years and you're interested in Data Analysis, I'd look for a computer with...

a) Linux operating system (Ubuntu or Mint) + Python (Anaconda, for instance).

b) As much RAM as possible, >12GB if possible.

c) Good CPU, i7 for instance.

d) SSD Disk, it'd be a great boost.

Good luck

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PC for data analysis

Hello Joe

I have chosen to purchase from the Business side of HP for my last 4 laptops.  Used to buy Dell but they seemed to go thru a lul, and it seems light they might be back.  I would stay away from the consumer units at Best Buy, Walmart, etc, unless that is the only way you can get the features you want.  For me, I will sacrifice a little on features to get trouble free operation.  SSD is a big plus for me.  Last 5 purchases were SSD, and no issues.  I have 4 installations that I am responsible for.