American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Thu, 09/13/2012 - 16:47

The AAVSO LPV Section needs a volunteer leader and administrator to take over an established website, forum and observing section with existing projects and plans for future activities. This can be one special individual or any number of people willing to collaborate to maintain and grow this section.

Based closely on the model provided by CVnet, the AAVSO Cataclysmic Variable Section, the LPV Section has an easy to edit and maintain website, a forum on the AAVSO site and the LPV Circular, which is automatically published and delivered to subscribers on Wednesday every week.

There is an established list of Program Stars as well as a special list of Legacy LPVs. We have interesting and fun projects launched on LPVs with humps in their curves and LPVs that are members of close binary systems. In January 2012, Roger Kolman and I conceived a plan for revitalizing the section and implemented several new initiatives and programs. All the heavy lifting has been done. We just need someone with the leadership abilities and enthusiasm to take it off my hands.

Since its inception, this section has struggled to find someone who could push it forward and act to coordinate and inspire observers interested in Long Period Variables, mostly Miras and Semi-regulars. I have done all I can to find a section leader, and have kept this section on life support for several years now, but the reality of the situation is I simply cannot devote the time and energy to it that it deserves. I need to divest myself of the responsibility in 2013.

I am willing to train you on how to maintain the website and we can bring you up to speed on our current and future plans. I am willing to stay on as an advisor indefinitely; I just need someone else to take over as the front man and representative of the section. If you are interested leading or administering the LPV Section please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Simonsen (SXN)

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