Identifications of Centennial Calendar Images: January 2012

Images in A Century of Variable Star Observing: 1911-2010

January 2012: the AAVSO logo

Top left: original design, 1911;

Center: revised design after leaving Harvard College Observatory, 1954;

Lower right: Color added, 1980's;

Upper right: projected star insignia, created 1961 for jewelry and clothing celebrating AAVSO 50th anniversary;

Middle left: miniature AAVSO Turkish carpet (8.5x11 inches) created by Hayim Akyüz for Headquarters;

Lower left: building sign from 25 Birch Street and 49 Bay State Road utilizing projected star design;

Bottom center: AAVSO sign made by Ed Halbach of Milwaukee, Wisconsin/Estes Park, Colorado/Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Roy Lee of Florida in 1986


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