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If you happen to be going to ALCon 2012...

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If you happen to be going to ALCon 2012... are invited to join us for a variable star meet and greet on Thursday, July 5 at 6PM.

Since several of us plan to be in Chicago, at the Astronomical League Convention this year, we thought we'd try to connect with people from the area and other ALCon attendees interested in variable stars.

AAVSO Director Arne Henden will be there, as well as members of council, the AAVSO staff and variable star observers from Illinois and elsewhere. This is an informal gathering around food, drinks, a shared interest, and undoubtedly a good deal of laughter.

If you are interested in joining us, contact me at mikesimonsen @ aavso dot org, and I'll give you directions and reserve a seat for you.

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I will be in Chicago at the

I will be in Chicago at the ALCON but Thursday night is the Starship sail and I promised Yvonne the trip.  Still, I would enjoy meeting with any other AAVSOers some other time, so look me up or make yourself visible.

Variable Star M&G

Unfortunately my wife and I will also be sailing on Lake Michigan that evening. Hope we can get together some other time during the day or evening during ALCON 2012. Otherwise, I will hopefully see you at the Spring AAVSO meeting in Boone, NC - ASU. Gary Wood

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ALCon 2012

I'll be there.

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For those of us not able to

For those of us not able to meet on Thursday night, how about trying to find another time, another venue - maybe just find a hang out spot in the hotel?  How about Tuesday night before the meeting starts?  My cell phone is 636-357-7658.

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