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Images not available after upload

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Images not available after upload

I tried for the last few days to upload images for analysis. Uploading seems to work, but the images do not appear to be available after that for analysis. I am aware of some problems a few days ago, but hoped that Vphot would be repaired for the weekend...
Any updates?

Helmar (AHM)

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Helmar: Once you upload an


Once you upload an image to the VPhot server, it usually needs to go through some processing. They usually don't show up immeidately, but can take several minutes to show up in your queue. It usually depends on how many images are in the queue to be processed.

If, after several hours, it is still not showing up in your list, then something else is indeed going on.
Doc Kinne, KQR

Re: Vphot, images not available

Hi Doc,

Thanks for responding!

I understand the queue, and I checked at various times after successful uploads (WCS ok etc.). However, the images seem to upload fine (they do appear in the server queue, but then - when they have been processed - cannot be found anymore. I used Vphot before, but never had those problems. I tried several times during the last days without any success.

What gives...?



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Some things to check


Make sure you set the display filters (target, filter, system) to "all" - then click refresh.

Check to see if your targets are listed in the 'targets' drop down list. If they are, they are in your account somewhere. If not, they may not have uploaded.

If you see them in the drop down list, try filtering to just display those targets one at a time.

Mike Simonsen

Fits header problem; Re: VPhot - Some things to check

Hi Mike,

Thanks! But none of the suggestions work for my last uploads (I checked again). 

It is a little more complicated: I believe it has to do with the fits-header. I changed to a different program recently (from CCDSoft earlier to now Main Sequence Generator Pro =: MSG) for taking images. The fits-header has changed, but contains all required fields according to the Vphot description (see under "Uploads", "fits header requirements" in the Upload Wizard description).

I am attaching a number of pictures and files:

a) "Processing queue" after trying to upload my new image of M67, taken with MSG-Pro;

b) "Available Images" after trying to upload my new image and an old-style form XZ Cet (the latter works);

c) (working) fits header of the old-style CCDSoft image of XZ Cet;

d) (non-working) fits header of the new-style MSG image of M67.

I am wondering if someone could check or compare the fits headers of these images for problems in d) - I cannot find any from the description of Vphot requirements. And I do not know if a certain format in any of the fields is needed. I even filled in all fields in the "Upload Wizard" manually and registered a new telescope in Vphot. But no improvement.

Thanks for your support!

Helmar (AHM)

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Hi Helmar, 

Can you send me one of the problem images, one that has not been uploaded to VPhot. I can debug it to see what is wrong.'


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VPHOT Uploading but image not showing up for processing


Was this ever resolved? I have an image that I have uploaded multiple times, but is not showing up. I tried Mike's suggestions, still no luck.

I wondered if VPHOT is having problems with the target name: PNV J18202726-2744263?


Re: VPHOT Uploading but image not showing up for processing

Hello Brian,

Yes, it had been resolved!

My apologies to everybody, I should have reported that; and my apologies to Geir, too!

Geir found quickly out that VPHOT did not like the brackets (i.e "(" or ")" ) in the filename that my software had created (other software packages for reading fits files did not have that problem) due to the specific CFITSIO library that is used in VPHOT to read fits files/headers.

So your guess might be right, try to rename without any "fancy" characters...

Hope this helps!


Helmar (AHM)


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images not showing...

I seem to be having the same trouble.  I uploaded a zipped file of 3 images 2 days ago and it worked fine.  Today, I uploaded another file, built the same way, the upload process reported the upload was complete but they don't show.  I used Mike's idea to set everything to 'all', and while several older files to show, the latest one's don't.  Something seems to have changed in the last two days.



VPhot, images in queue

I also uploaded quite a lot (but they have good WCS->rapidly processed by VPhot) of images, some of them appeared to my Images list but not all others.

When checking from Upload->View Server Processing Queue, seems that one image has been in the queue for about 9 hours. Most probably that image prevents newer images get processed.

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images in queue

Yes, I notice the same thing.  Looking at the "Processing queue, to be processed in the following order:" has hundreds of pending images, including the ones I've uploaded.  If I look at the "Processed Images" list, it includes six of the images I've uploaded as processed, but they don't appear on my account for my processing.  Something seems to have stopped working.




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Images beeing processed again

This seems to happen each time I'm on travel.

Well, I'm back now and images are being processed. It will take a while to empty the queue.


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