MidWest Astro-Imaging Conference July 4-6 with Arne Henden

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 14:15

For any AAVSO members in the Midwest, I wanted to let you know that Dr Arne Henden, director of the AAVSO, will speak on the APASS system at the MidWest Astro-Imaging Conference, held in Lincolnshire (near Chicago), Illinois.  Other speakers include Jerry Bonnell from the Astronomy Picture of the Day, Alan Erickson from Adobe, Warren Keller of IP4AP, and several others.

In addition, MWAIC is being held in conjunction with the Astronomical League's ALCON 2012 which has several exciting speakers of their own including Dr Jason Steffen, Kepler Mission Scientist.

More information is available from the MWAIC web site:  http://www.mwaic.com 

Pre-registration is encouraged, but it will also be possible to register on-site.  If you are in the Midwest, this will be a great opportunity to connect with other astronomy enthusiasts.  The MWAIC sessions are the afternoons of July 4-6; ALCON meets the mornings of those days plus all day Saturday July 7.

Clear skies!

Joe Ulowetz (UJHA, CBA Illinois), 2012 MWAIC Co-Chair and AAVSO member