Third High Energy Astrophysics Workshop, Spring 2005: scientific paper session abstracts

The 3rd HEA Workshop for Amateur Astronomers
March 22-23, 2005
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Scientific Papers
and Powerpoint Presentations (when available)

Monday, March 21

Welcome Address & Announcements Aaron Price
Talk: HEN Results from 2000-2004 Aaron Price
Talk: A Swift view of the Universe Professor Lynn R. Cominsky, Sonoma State University

NASA's Swift mission was launched into orbit on November 20, 2004. A blast of gamma-ray bursts rapidly followed and bursts are now being "caught on the fly." The first exciting results from the mission are presented, together with initial results from the follow-up observations. All three instruments on board are working well, and details of the hardware for the Burst Alert Telescope, the X-ray Telescope and the Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope are described.

Talk: Current GRB Prompt Emission & Theories Jerry Fishman
Talk: GRB Afterglows & Theory James Rhoades
Talk: Magnetars & SGRs Chryssa Kouveliotou
Q/A: GRB Observing Strategy for 2005-2006 Aaron Price/Arne Henden (followed by first hand accounts from network members)

Tuesday, March 22

Talk: Blazars of Our Times Gordon Spear
Poster session: Results & outreach lessons from past 2 HEA Workshops
Talk: Introduction to the Global Telescope Network (GTN) Phil Plait

The Global Telescope Network (GTN) is an informal association of scientists, students, individuals, and observatories interested in observing high-energy astronomical objects (black holes, active galaxies, etc.) in optical and near-optical light.

The main goals of the GTN are 1) to support the science missions of NASA's Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST), Swift, and XMM-Newton observatories by obtaining and reducing ground-based observations for objects related to the primary science goals for these missions, and 2) to educate students about how digital astronomical data is obtained, reduced, and analyzed.

In this presentation we detail these goals, and call for people to join the GTN either as observers (partners) or as data analysts (associates).

Workshop: Advanced CCD Photometry Arne Henden
Workshop: Beginning CCD Photometry: Cookie Cutter Astrophysics Sonoma State GLAST Outreach Staff
Talk: "Seven Ways A Black Hole Can Kill You" Phil Plait
Star Party

Wednesday, March 23

Workshop: Intro to Using AAVSO Data Analysis Tools Grant Foster
Talk: The Sun in High Energy Mitzi Adams
Talk: Polars Steve Howell
Talk: VERITAS & AGN Light Curves Geza Gyuk
Workshop: Intro to Using X-ray Data Analysis Tools Sandeep Patel
Town Hall Style Discussion all speakers as panelists