JAAVSO Invited Review Papers


Invited review papers published in the special centennial edition of The Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers

The following reviews of modern variable star astronomy and astrophysics were invited by the Editors of The Journal of the AAVSO as part of the AAVSO's Centennial Celebration in 2011. We selected a number of different current topics in variable star astrophysics, giving the JAAVSO readership a glance at where modern variable star astronomy stands as the AAVSO begins its second century. These articles are published in JAAVSO volume 40, number 1, 2012.

John R. Percy: "Variable Star Astronomy in the 21st Century"

William Herbst: "The Variability of Young Stellar Objects"

Bryce Croll: "How Amateurs Can Contribute to the Field of Transiting Exoplanets"

Edward F. Guinan: "Eclipsing Binaries in the 21st Century—Opportunities for Amateur Astronomers"

Katrien Kolenberg: "RR Lyrae Stars: Cosmic Lighthouses With a Twist"

Douglas L. Welch: "Type 2 Cepheids in the Milky Way Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds"

David G. Turner: "Classical Cepheids After 228 Years of Study"

Lee Anne Willson, Massimo Marengo: "Miras"

Laszlo Kiss, John R. Percy: "Non-Mira Pulsating Red Giants and Supergiants"

Geoffrey Clayton: "What Are the R Coronae Borealis Stars?"

Paula Szkody, Boris T. Gaensicke: "Cataclysmic Variables"

Ulisse Munari: "Symbiotic Stars"

Ulisse Munari: "Classical and Recurrent Novae"

Peter Garnavich: "A Century of Supernovae"