JAAVSO: Publication Schedule, Page Charges, and Subscriptions

Publication Schedule

The Journal of the AAVSO is published twice a year, June 15 (Number 1 of the volume) and December 15 (Number 2 of the volume). The submission window for inclusion in the next issue of JAAVSO closes six weeks before the publication date. A manuscript will be added to the table of contents for an issue when it has been fully accepted for publication upon successful completion of the referee process; these articles will be available online prior to the publication date. An author may not specify in which issue of JAAVSO a manuscript is to be published; accepted manuscripts will be published in the next available issue, except under extraordinary circumstances.


Page Charges

Page charges are waived for Members of the AAVSO. Publication of unsolicited manuscripts in JAAVSO requires a page charge of US$100/page for the final printed manuscript. Page charge waivers may be provided under certain circumstances.



Institutions and Libraries may subscribe to JAAVSO as part of the Complete Publications Package or as an individual subscription. Individuals may purchase printed copies of recent JAAVSO issues via Createspace. Paper copies of JAAVSO issues prior to volume 36 are available in limited quantities directly from AAVSO Headquarters; please contact the AAVSO for available issues.