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JEE2012 Observing Campaign and past JEE results page started

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JEE2012 Observing Campaign and past JEE results page started


The results of the JEE2012 Observing Campaign was nothing short of spectacular! Again, observers from different countries and different astronomical backgrounds contributed many gigabytes of data for the dozenish predicted events. Over a dozen hours of video and just under 30,000 images, some in different wavelength photometry, were contributed to the effort. And did this effort pay off! AAVSO played a big part in this!! While it will be weeks if not months before all the data is finally reduced, preliminary results indicate another major discovery with the JEE technique, that is the ability to detect the flux tubes of the Jovian moons! More reduction and analysis is needed, and this is very preliminary, but this detection has been consistent in at least two independent events from multiple observers, and a third event from just this morning captured by Brazil observer Breno Loureiro Giacchini promises to show the same detection. Here is the link to the results page, it is raw, new, and heavily under construction, so you need to check back often to see the latest results, discussions, and lightcurve and inverted lightcurve data.

As a result of the unexpected flux tube detection I am anticipating posting some "emergency" followup predictions to see how far out the flux tube anomaly can be detected. It is not known at this time whether the extinction from the flux tube is a result of redistributed atmospheric dust and gas, or just plain absorption by the ions flowing in the tube. If it is the latter, then the flux tube should be seen quite a ways from the main body of the four moons. Only followup observations will confirm this. Stay tuned...

Thanks for all the contributing and interested observers! Some of you were clouded out, but there will be future events I assure you.


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