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KX AQL in Outburst!

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KX AQL in Outburst!

I call observers' attention to an apparent outburst of the UGSU-type star KX AQL. Carey Chiselbrook (CCY) has reported a visual sighting of the star at magnitude 12.8 on Dec. 14.99028 and this evening I glimpsed it for a few moments just before it descended below the roofline  of my house. I also made the magnitude to be 12.8 and this was on Dec. 15.9479 . Outbursts of KX AQL are infrequent and although several have been recorded in recent years, before that it was only very rarely detected. Observers are encouraged to record the star's brightness in the course of at least the next few nights to determined if this will be a short or more protracted event and if possible thereafter to fully document this outburst.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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