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Large amplitude QSO DA55 outburst?

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Large amplitude QSO DA55 outburst?

I just glimpsed it at around v~16.7, the  first time that I got a positive visual estimate since I started following this QSO/AGN. I have it noted as being the largest known amplitude QSO, so it may get brighter than 14th mag if it continues!

Mike LMK

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DA55 = MisV1436

Indeed Mike, a very interesting one to follow :

Eddy (MUY)

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DA 55 is at its bigest

DA 55 is at its bigest brightness in four years. It would be worth to keep an eye.

Thanks to Sonoita remote telescope and AAVSOnet I am able to do extensive ccd imaging, V filtered.

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DA 55 continues to brighten

Visually estimated last night at 15.9 (mean value) with short term variations of a few tenths. I guess these rapid fluctuations are typical of the energetic QSO/relativistic jets?


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