R Capricorni

R Capricorni is an equatorial Mira accessible to most observers except those in the far northern hemisphere.  It's a carbon Mira with a strongly varying light curve and period close to one year -- about 343 days.  The AAVSO Bulletin predicts a maximum on or around November 19, so observations are encouraged around that time to confirm it.

A look at the long-term light curve shows that maxima vary quite strongly, often undergoing long stretches where they're magnitude 10 or fainter, and others where it routinely goes to near 9th magnitude.  Other Miras are known to do this (like RU Vir, another carbon Mira) and it is perhaps related to obscuration by dust created around these mass-losing stars.

You can use the AAVSO Bulletin and other AAVSO website tools like the Observation Planner Tool to help the research community follow this and other interesting variables for the sake of scientific inquiry.