LcTools for Analyzing TESS, K2, and Kepler Light Curves

Thu, 02/27/2020 - 12:54

Hello Everyone,

I am the author of a large-scale Windows based software system called LcTools for viewing and analyzing light curves for the TESS, K2, and Kepler projects. The LcTools system consists of four major applications:

  • LcViewer for viewing (plotting) light curves graphically and for finding, recording, measuring, displaying, and phase folding signals of interest.
  • LcSignalFinder for detecting and recording signals found in large batches of light curves (typically 20,000-50,000 files per batch). Signals may be periodic or single events, dips or peaks of any type.
  • LcGenerator for building light curve files in bulk for use with LcViewer and LcSignalFinder.
  • LcReporter for creating an Excel report listing the user defined signals recorded by LcViewer.

In conjunction with the software, pre-built light curve files for use with LcViewer and LcSignalFinder may be downloaded from the LcTools website. Both the software and data assets are free for registered LcTools users.

The AAVSO community may find LcTools useful for detecting major stellar events in the TESS, K2, and Kepler datasets. For more information on the system, see the published research paper and the LcTools Product Description. To request the product for use, please contact me at .


Al Schmitt

LcTools Author

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

Hi Allan,

A few days ago I sent to you two e-mails with request about LCTools, but I've never got an answer.

I hope that post will finaly reach to you. Please verify your e-mails.






Hi Velimir,

Well, your e-mail still hasn't arrived after half an hour. I verified all instances of my published e-mail addresses by sending myself a test message using the published addreses (via a copy and paste operation) on two different email systems. In all cases, I received the test messages within 30 seconds.

I'm not sure what's wrong. I did receive multiple emails from another AAVSO member a few days ago regarding LcTools so from what I can tell it's working fine.

Is there any chance you could post your e-mail address here and I'll send you the software installation instructions. In the process, perhaps we can diagnose and resolve the issue.