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List of Recent Galactic Novae

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List of Recent Galactic Novae

Greetings - great to see this forum start up, with so many people commenting on Jeno's post.

I've been working with Jeno and others on radio and X-ray observations of novae in recent years, and decided to creat a list of recent Galactic (so no LMC, M31, ... etc.) novae.  So here it is:

I haven't made a big effort to make this page pretty, and more importantly, I'm sure this list is either incomplete now or will become so sometime in the future.

If you feel this list is useful, great.  If you think it could become useful, but only if I added xxx and yyy, please let me know.  I can't spend a lot of effort on this, but I'd like to keep updating this for our collaboration, if not the entire nova community.

Cheers - Koji Mukai

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That's great, very

That's great, very useful.

François Teyssier

Useful,and thanks

Koji,your work is very useful,thanks.

I must appreciate your effort if this list could be update in time.

And would you mind to add a discover column.In addition,i think that to keep the  newer nova at the top is more accessible.

Clear Sky.

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