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Log Jam!

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Log Jam!

Occassionally a bad file image gets hung up in the queue for uploading to VPhot. I've seen this happen a few times while processing AAVSOnet scopes. What is it exactly that causes the log jam, and is there a way to alleviate this trouble?

The queue seems to be clogged this evening 2011/05/09.

Mike SXN Simonsen

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No jam last nigth

The processing software is designed to handle bad images. As you say, once in a while a bad image is uploaded - due to errors in the FTP transfer, on the client machine or otherwise - and the processing software can not read the file. In this case that image is supposed to be removed from the queue.

There was however a bug that caused the processing software to fail to do this. I did in fact fix the bug just a couple of days ago after our last jam incident. So I was hoping that the problem was one of the past. 

I have checked the logs and the software has been running as it is supposed to for the last three days. There was no jam last night. But the queue was perhaps slow. About 300 images was uploaded last evening and that will take some time to process.

You can check the queue yourself, click on the 'Upload' link in VPHOT, then 'View Server Processing Queue'. If the queue does not change in about 5 minutes there is probably a jam.


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