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Looking for Papers on Novae

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Looking for Papers on Novae

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if you have any good papers on the research of Novae for someone that has a science background and a good grasp of the basic concepts, but wants to dive deeper?

I've read the 40 page document posted on AAVSO titled Classical and Recurrent Novae by Ulisse Munari along with the intro section on Novae.

I've searched ArXiv but only find papers on specific stars and events.




Bode and Evans

Have you read the book: Classical Novae by Bode and Evans.

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Looking for Papers on Novae


Take a look at the HEN website. It's not complete yet but getting close.

Look in the "blue box" under "Miscellaneous Links" and click on the "AAS Nova and Supernova  Astronomy" link. There is alot of information and you can hopefully find what you are looking for.


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Dedrick, Ordering it now!

Dedrick, Ordering it now! Thank you for the recommendation!

Dave, Thanks! I'll head over there now!

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