American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Sat, 06/15/2013 - 23:33

I just finished going throught my collected data on MR Per when I noticed an unusual brightnning of the star on 21Jan13.  Here is the submitted data for that night:

MR PER 2456313.732662 2013 Jan. 21.23266 14.617 0.013 V FJQ
MR PER 2456313.730961 2013 Jan. 21.23096 14.292 0.008 V FJQ
MR PER 2456313.729248 2013 Jan. 21.22925 15.242 0.020 V FJQ
MR PER 2456313.726701 2013 Jan. 21.22670 16.845 0.062 B FJQ  
MR PER 2456313.724039 2013 Jan. 21.22404 16.553 0.063 B FJQ

As you can see, at JDate 2456313.730961, MR Per seemed to jump in V-mag to 14.292(+/.008).  Between this exposure and the next it was still high at 14.617(+/-.013).  Since the range of this variable is 14.5-16.5p I thought it was unusal to see it almost at 14th V-Mag.  I guess these M5 class flare stars can suddenly brighten up!

James Foster, Los Angeles, CA