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N Cas 2020 / V1391 Cas

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N Cas 2020 / V1391 Cas


this Nova has a a lot of AAVSO observer dara. Up to day 4,489 data points from 80 observers if I counted correctly. There is a kind of oscillation with 8 days period visible.

The Nova was detected end of July, therefore data now cover a period of approx. 50 days. 

Based on the classificationschem from Strope, Shaefer, Henden (Tehe Astronomical Journal, 140:34-62, 2010) this could fit into several classes like J, O., but I find it difficult to decide. For O calss, the oscillations start early and for J they seem to be too regular.

Any ideas? Does anyone know more about the origin of those oscillations? Repeating thermonuclear events of pulsation driven or...?




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