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New Brightening of the Symbiotic Variable 1848-19 FN Sgr

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New Brightening of the Symbiotic Variable 1848-19 FN Sgr

FN SGR, a Z And-type star, is experiencing yet another brightening event in its very long active phase which has seen multiple outbursts since way back in 1994 !  Throughout July and August of the current observing season the star had remained relatively quiet near magnitude 13.0 (its minimum state), but began to rise in brightness during the opening days of September. As of last evening (Sept. 11/12) FN Sgr had reached a magnitude of 11.6 , the brightest it has been since the 2012 observing season. 


J.Bortle   (BRJ)


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FN Sgr Outburst

Hi John

Very nice find !  By last evening it had made it up to 11.2V with the B-V near +0.6.  A few other B-V measures in the database over the last couple of years when it was visually in the 12s and 13s were closer to +0.9 in the color department so quite a bit whiter now. Not sure about all the recent data up around 11.0V.  Perhaps a spike or different comparisons.  One of the best symbiotics out there for sure ! 


All the best,




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I have taken the last CCD images and the results have been up to 10.990, I have used the same comparison stars as in my observations on the 23-07-2015  mag.:12.801  and on 17-08-2014 mag.:12.625 it muss have been a unusal spike.

                     Cheers, Rolf Carstens  (CROA)

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FN Sgr

Ive also been taking CCD measurements of this star. It has dimmed a little from its peak and is now V 11.33

I also took a spectra. It has an interesting emission spectra not unlike an old nova.



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