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New possible faint Nova in Cygnus

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New possible faint Nova in Cygnus

I read this this morning:   PNV J20263897+4337182

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8' from V503 Cyg

It is located onyl 8' from V503 Cyg (UG). Might be visible on CCD frames of V503 Cyg...

Red object

The position coincides with the bright red object 2MASS J20263897+4337182 = WISE J202638.97+433718.2 (J = 9.78, J-Ks = 2.53), so probably not a nova.


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Bright red object? Nothing is

Bright red object? Nothing is visible on DSS images... :O

Might be a faint mira?

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Only one R and one I data in

Only one R and one I data in USNO B1.0: 17.87R, 14,65I (1972.)
No B data in USNO B1.0.

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No APASS source in seqplot

Seqplot doesn't shows any object at the given position. The faintest APASS object in the field is has 16.5V brightness (B-V=1,264) with 2 data, so I can assume the limit of the limit of this APASS field can be around 16.5V. (Unfortunately the PNV lies just outside of the V503 Cyg UNSO-Henden frames :(

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It was visible 4 month ago

 Denis Denisenko wrote in [vsnet-alert 16274]:

This is not a nova, but previously unreported red variable (Mira or
semiregular). It shows large variability on Palomar red plates (R1=17.87 on
1953-06-14 plate, not visible on 1992-08-27 plate). Also, USNO-B1.0 gives
near-IR magnitude I=14.65 from the 1992-06-20 plate.

(...) It was already there 4 months ago on MASTER image:

20130430.773 14.95C MASTER-Amur

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