New results on FS Aurigae

The paper "Optical and X-ray Variability of the Peculiar Cataclysmic Variable FS Aurigae with a Magnetic and Freely Precessing White Dwarf" by Vitaly Neustroev and collaborators is now available on  The paper was co-authored by several AAVSO observers, and involves data taken during the 2010-2011 observing campaign.

FS Aurigae is a complicated system showing variations on different timescales at different wavelengths.  Neustroev and collaborators found evidence of precession of the magnetic white dwarf using optical multicolor time series obtained in part by AAVSO observers.  This behavior had not been seen in optical photometry until now.

Congratulations to Vitaly Neustroev and all participating observers whose work led to this discovery!