NGDC database of AAVSO SID events back to 1958

Thu, 11/08/2012 - 13:04


To run this database you have to have a local MySQL data base to which you can create a database.


You'll have to change the extension from .txt to .mysql after you download the file.  It creates a SID database you can connect too. There will be a table there called ngdcsid with all 35 MB of data from 1958 to 2009.  NGDC no longer supports the AAVSO SID data submissions as of 2009.  So, this is all there is for SID flare data. 


I also put a SQL statement up there, aavso_tabs.sql, also as a .txt extension (change the .txt to .sql).  These NGDC data have other VLF flare stations than just AAVSO submitters.  So it's important to link the AAVSO_ID with the station ( aavso_yr_id.sql)  after loading the AAVSO submitters for these older times.




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