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Not able to open databases

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Not able to open databases

I have an image of 57 Per, with plate solve and is calibrated. I can open the image and the chart. I cannot get any of the catalogs to open. I guess I am stumped. Is it likely that 57 Per doesn't have have comp stars or that  the GCVS has no data for this area? More likely I am messing up, somehow.

Advise would be greatly appreciated.

Stan Watson

Ann Arbor, MI

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57 Per

Hi Stan,

"57 Per" is not in VSX, AAVSO's index of variable stars.  A star must be included in the VSX to have a comp star sequence or to appear as a variable when you load the VSX or GCVS calatogs in VPhot.  Is this a variable?  If so, perhaps it is listed by another designation.

If it is a variable but is not included in VSX you can ask to have it included after logging on to VSX.  You probably need to be an AAVSO member to log on and request to add a star, but I don't think you need to be a member to search the VSX.  You can search the VSX from the VSP tool on the right side of the box on the AAVSO home page starting with  "Pick a star".

Phil Sullivan SPP

Ah Ha!

Thank you Phil. I now suspect I messed up. I will follow your suggestion and find a "real" variable star to work on for this project.



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