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Novae creating elements

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Novae creating elements

There is a very nice press release out, featuring one of our members, Prof. Sumner Starrfield. He and his team are using observations of novae to create models which determine element abundances in the ejecta - elements that go back to the interstellar medium to form new stars. Here's the link to the press release:


Best wishes - clear skies,


Re: Novae creating elements; "add-on" links

Following up on the link Stella provided (thanks, Stella!), I found a number of additional links worth sharing, with tons of interesting information, links to research papers etc.,e.g.:

The homepage of the ASU's Astrophysics Department:

Click on the links for the "personal homepages" of the researchers! You will find, e.g., Prof. Sumner Starrfield's (what a name for his profession... - spelled it wrong, though??    ) homepage:

but also Prof. Frank Timmes:  

with different subtopics to explore (astronomy research, software instruments, etc.). Maybe a little heavy on modeling and simulation aspects,  but he also has some section for "K-20 and Public Outreach" that some of us may find interesting. 

Have fun studying!


Helmar (AHM)


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