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Now Coming At You From the Cloud!

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Now Coming At You From the Cloud!

Hello Folks:

You configure, you test, you even have beta testers (Thank you all!) to make sure that when you actually flip the switch, things go smoothly.

And then the Universe laughs in your general direction.  :-)

It was a tougher day than I planned it to be. Rebecca has had to force feed me cheesecake, and Will and everyone have been gods among men. Thank you everyone!

After all the testing, I expected that we would do a final files and database sync between our servers and then I'd change the DNS (internet pointing) records to the new machine and be bored for the rest of the day. The Universe had other plans.

But by and large, we have fought the battle and won. Right now as I write this, to my knowledge all the major functionality on the AAVSO website is working, with the exception of Chat (I'm working on it!).

We are hoping and expecting that the major advantage to our members and users that this move will engender is greater speed for the website. Now, not only is everything that has anything to do with the website running on a single computer, but it is now behind the vast bandwith of the Amazon could, instead of the T1 soda straw we have here at HQ.

So, use the site. Submit data. Write on the forums. In general have the normal good time you have here. And, if you see something that you don't think is quite correct, please contact Will and I here.

Thank you all!
Doc Kinne
and the rest of the team - Rebecca, Will, Ben, Mike Simonsen, Chris Watson, our Beta Testers, and you: our Members and Observers!

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This is a signal achievement,

This is a signal achievement, Doc! You and your team deserve enormous credit for making this transition so quickly and so successfully!

It is the first time that I have ever been excited by the arrival of a Cloud! :)



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Great job!

Thank you, Doc! And to all the perfect team!

We are in the cloud! Everything ran smoothly, it was a great job! 





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Problems in The Cloud?

Doc, I've just made 5 consecutive failed attempts to log into the WebObs data entry section. I can mostly get as far as the "submit observations individually", but there the system simply pauses until it times out.


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