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NPM Lualuahei, HI 21.4kHz

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NPM Lualuahei, HI 21.4kHz

NPM has been offline since 7 Jan. Looks like they are doing testing as I've seen signal spikes throughout the daylight hours here in Seattle.


Gary (A124)

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NPM yesterday from Ft. Collins, CO

Hi Gary,

Yeah NPM is a mess. Here is yesterday's recording from Fort Collins, CO> 



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One man's treasure is another

One man's treasure is another's garbage, eh? We own property quite near to the Lualualei transmitter, and there is concern about the high levels of VLF radiation to the very nearby residential communities of the Waianae coast area of Oahu. A 1990's EPA study found electric field measurements up to 82 V/m in housing areas near the naval facility, which is >20x higher than typical ELF levels from electric powerlines! While we are not in the highest fields area, some unfortunate people do live there, and with the documented higher levels of childhood cancers in parts of Waianae, make it possible there could be a nefarious connection?


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NPM is back online

NPM came back online last night after a long hiatus. I'm getting a great signal and the trace is looking good. During the downtime I was trying to pull in NML or NAA but living so close to Oso NLK's signal bleeds them out.




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