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NSV 4202, a CV close to a bright companion.

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Sebastian Otero
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NSV 4202, a CV close to a bright companion.

NSV 4202, a star with no type in the NSV catalogue lying in the Southern
constellation Volans is a UGSS-type dwarf nova.

ASAS-3 recorded lots of outbursts with an ampltude of only 1.1 mag (and
outburst cycle 60-80 d.):,asas3,0,0,700,250,0

From an investigation of CRTS, SPM4.0, ASAS-3 and DENIS data, the most
likely explanation is that the outbursts come from a 17th mag. object 16"
away from a 14.1 mag. brighter star.

NSV 4202 = 2MASS J08391849-7032418 = ASAS J083918-7032.6 = DENIS
J083918.5-703242 = GSC2.3 S4P5007210 = SSS_J083918.5-703241 = USNO-B1.0 0194-0205241 at 08 39 18.49 -70 32 41.9 (J2000.0, PPMXL).

VSX entry with more information:

Observations confirming the identification would be worth.

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