Observation Notification

The AAVSO offers several methods of getting the news out that your favorite star has been observed, or something odd and interesting is going on in the sky.


MyNewsFlash allows you to set up a method of emailing or texting you the activity of your favorite star, or class of stars. You can see what your star's current behavior is, based on current observations, and plan your science sessions accordingly. You can create your profiles for MyNewsFlash by clicking on the link above.

MyNewsFlash is a system that sends you the most recent AAVSO variable star observations on whatever star(s) you choose, at whatever magnitude cutoff you choose, delivered in a format of your choice, at a frequency that you choose yourself. This is a VERY customizable service that enables you to monitor the stars that interest you... on your own terms.

Click here to create MyNewsFlash profiles. Please note that you must be logged in to your AAVSO web account (free) to create a MyNewsFlash profile.

Special Notices

THE AAVSO SPECIAL NOTICE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AS OF AUGUST 2017. An archive of published Special Notices is available here.

AAVSO Special Notices are short emails sent out by the AAVSO Staff to alert you to rare and interesting stellar activity when we become aware of it. Special Notices are used to alert people when a star is going into outburst or when some activity is happening that requires quick attention. They may also be used to give status reports on or make changes to current Observing Campaigns. An AAVSO Alert Notice may be issued later when more information about the event is known.

Alert Notices

AAVSO Alert Notices are detailed, formal descriptions of special stellar events such as a nova or of observing campaigns; they nearly always include a request for observations. The initial announcement of an event may have been made in an AAVSO Special Notice. (See recent AAVSO Alert Notices.)

To subscribe or unsubscribe to Alert Notices, click the "Email Settings" tab under "My Account" and mark the box next to Alert Notices. Be sure to save your edits.

AAVSO Circulars

Circulars are weekly, electronic communications summarizing observations made of several different classes of variable during the preceeding 30-day period.  They are a way of monitoring which objects are being observed and how often.  Currently available circulars are: CV Circular, LPV Circular, RCB Circular, and AGN Circular.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to one or more of these, please email Elizabeth Waagen and request subscriptions to the Circulars of your choice.