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open time on the BSM network

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open time on the BSM network

The Bright Star Monitor subnet of AAVSOnet is currently underutilized.  About 50% of the telescope time is being used by researchers, with the other 50% being filled in with the bright-star background survey.  This survey has very low priority, and is just there to utilize all telescope time rather than letting telescopes sit idle.  That survey forms a large part of the AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database, accessible via VStar and the AAVSOnet web page.

This means about 50% of the BSM telescope time is available to researchers.  If you have a long-term project of stars brighter than about 15th magnitude, and you are an AAVSO member, consider submitting a short informal proposal from the webpage form!  There are a wide variety of Johnson/Cousins and Sloan filters, along with diffraction gratings, available for both northern and southern BSM systems.  While once-per-night monitoring is preferred, BSM can support limited time-series projects.


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