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OR And sequence coming

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OR And sequence coming

When I sent out AAVSO Special Notice #359 on OR And, I neglected to confirm that there is an AAVSO sequence for OR And - and there is not. I have asked our Sequence Team to create one for this star. We'll post when it is available.

My sincere apologies to everyone for this oversight on my part!

Elizabeth Waagen

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OR And sequence extended to 16.3V

The sequence for OR And (see AAVSO Special Notice #359) has been extended to 16.3V with photometry freshly obtained via AAVSOnet. Thanks to Arne, Sara Beck, Mike Simonsen, and anyone else who helped facilitate this extended sequence.

Good observing  -  Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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Thanks for new OR And Sequence

Thanks for the update!


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Hello Thanks for extending


Thanks for extending the sequence. This will make the estimates much better. I was going to request the extension myself.

APASS/AAVSOnet comes thru again.


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