Patrons of the AAVSO (historical record)

"Patron" was an honorific used during the early years of the Association, given in appreciation of an individual's significant material, financial, or time and effort contributions in support of the AAVSO.

Today, such contributions are recognized through several named AAVSO honors and awards, and in the lists of benefactors published in the AAVSO Annual Report.

Patrons of the AAVSO 1917-1958

Barns, Charles E. (Morgan Hill, California; 1918)
Bigelow, William Sturgis (Boston, Massachusetts; 1922)
Brocchi, Dalmiro Francis (Seattle, Washington; 1947)
Coolidge, Julian Lowell (Harvard Univ. Mathematics Dept., Cambridge, Massachusetts; 1945)
Elmer, Charles W. (Greenport, New York; 1921)
Godfrey, Charles C. (Bridgeport, Connecticut; 1927)
Hale, George E. (Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasadena, California; 1922)
Heines, Neal J. (Paterson, New Jersey; 1946)
Kearons, Winifred C. (West Bridgewater, Massachusetts; 1953)
MacPherson, William D. (Framingham Center, Massachusetts; 1923)
Mitchell, Samuel A. (Leander McCormick Observatory, Charlottesville, Virginia; 1920)
Mosman, Clarabel (Brookline, Massachusetts; 1940)
Olcott, Clara Eunice Hyde (Norwich, Connecticut; 1926)
Olcott, William Tyler (Norwich, Connecticut; 1920)
Pickering, David B. (East Orange, New Jersey; 1919)
Pickering, Edward C. (Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, Massachusetts; 1917)
Pomeroy, Robert W. (Buffalo, New York; 1925)
Post, Marie Caroline A. (New York, New York)
Reeves, Gertrude (Portland, Maine; 1958)
Shaw, Henry S. (Westbrook, Maine; 1949)
Skaggs, John H. (Oakland, California; 1926)
Stepka, Rev. Victor (Clayton, Missouri)
Stone, Julius F. (Columbus, Ohio; 1922)
Sullivan, Russell (Indianapolis, Indiana; 1923)
Upjohn, Lawrence N. (Kalamazoo, Michigan; 1950)
Waldo, George C. (Fairfield, Connecticut)
Yalden, J. Ernest G. (Leonia, New Jersey; 1921)