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Period Advice

Hello everyone,

I'm just about ready to submit this object to VSX, but the period has been bothering me. As you can see, the ASAS-SN data seems to be out of phase with the ROTSE1 data. I have tried many other periods, as well as varius other tools to estimate periods, but nothing looks as good as this one. I have also tried integer and half-integer multiples of this period, with no success. 

Does this data look out of phase to anyone else? 

Thank you for any feedback.


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Update: I actually found what I believe is a much better period after some messing around in VStar. Unfortunately, the data is still very out of phase. How might I go about fixing this?

The new period is: 0.410087 days

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Period Advice

Hi Grand,

Yes, the reasonable period acc. ASAS SN data is P=0.410086 d. (see the attachment)

The discrepancy between the data from the NSVS and ASAS may be due to lots of reasons so my advise is to submit the data to VSX based on the ASAS SN data. Including that target in VSX will allow further investigation of that system. Unfortunately the target is out of the observable window for this year. 



Hi Velimir, thanks for the

Hi Velimir, thanks for the helpful feedback. 

I have a somewhat unrelated question. Your SWASP phase plot looks really nice, and it looks like you are using VStar. It looks like the raw SWASP data for this object needs a 0-point calibration. Does VStar have a tool for doing that? Or did you perform the calibration yourself? 

Thanks again for the response,


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