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Period Luminosity Relation for RR Lyr

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David Benn
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Period Luminosity Relation for RR Lyr

Hi all

At some point I want to extend the Leavitt's Law plugin in VStar to allow for distance to variable types other DCEP to be determined.

Here's a paper for RR Lyr period luminosity relations from 2004 (Catelan et al) :

The authors provide I,J,H,K,V band specific PL relations involving P (period) and Z (metalicity).

Are there other papers anyone would suggest? I've seen a few relavant papers but I seek guidance from others more knowledgable in this area.

I'm also interested in papers pointing to period luminosity relations for variable types other than Type I (DCEP) and RR Lyr, e.g. Mira, Type II Cepheids.



David Benn
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Tracking in GitHub issue

I'm tracking this in now. Input still welcome.

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P/L for LPV

Hi David,

I've been working on Period - Luminosity relation for red-giant and LPV stars. I do this by taking weekly averages of .Vis entries going way back.  I pull data using Hernan's, then clean the data with a C++ routine and then use R routines to create weekly period estimates, and graphics.  

Not sure how useful it would be for VStar, though. Perhaps email me if you're interested



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