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Phoebe 2.2 and Linux computer

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Ed Wiley_WEY
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Phoebe 2.2 and Linux computer

This could go on the new equipment and instrumentation page, but this is very EB-centric.

I will buy a computer (refurbished) in order to transition to Linux. Part of the motivation is to learn Phoebe 2.2 (Linux only, command line does not put me off.). Given the likely amount of data crunching, I seek advice.

  1. Workstation or PC ??
  2. Will an older generation i5 or i7 processor do the job? How old? Or do I need the workstation power of a Xeon?
  3. Ram requirements? (I assume 8 GB).

I appreciate any advice. I could not find any advice on the Phoebe Web site, I may have missed it.



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Linux computer


you can use + 10 years old computers for Linux. Xfce Desktop is for older pc s.

I use 10 - 15 year old pc with 3 GB Ram for Muniwin. I do not know phoebe, maybe look at the project site for ram recomendations.



Phoebe Thoughts

Hey Ed,

PHOEBE is very near and dear to my heart. I am on the development team (though I play a very minor role). As for phoebe. It installs better on linux, but you can install it on windows (through WSL) or mac. As to the type of computer you want, this very much depends. Phoebe itself does not require much from your system. However, the simulations can be quite computationally intensive and the time to complete them can be significant. If you want to use it for fitting with mcmc or other samplers  (tens of thousands of iterations), then you would likely need to pass your job off to a cluster to handle the load. Since a server level computer is likely not something you would want to invest in (I definitely don't), then a typical PC would be fine for non-fitting use. I use it on lenovo 720 and a macbook pro with no issues, both of which are 3-4 years old. As for ram requirements, there aren't any specifically but I wouldn't go below 8gb. (I always go with the max I can get, but I like to mutl-task). I will also let you know that the phoebe 2.3 release will almost certainly be out this summer and it will have fitting support as well as a ui.

Bert Pablo,
Staff Astronomer, AAVSO

Phoebe web site

Hi Bert

I was inspired by your recent webinar talk to investigate Phoebe... However, I cant seem to see the web page...  I have tried Explorer and MS Edge. Is it down for maintenance?





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