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PNV J03093063+2638031 in Aries

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PNV J03093063+2638031 in Aries

Dear friends,

According to CBAT's TOCP, a bright object (V = 11.02) was discovered at coordinates:

RA = 03 09 30.63 , Dec = +26 38 03.1 (J2000)

In vsnet-alert mailing-list, Patrick Schmeer pointed that the object is "probably a CV with large outburst amplitude (blue 18-19 magnitude star at quiescence)".

More information at:

with regards,


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PNV J03093063+2638031


PNV J03093063+2638031 recent

FECHA         MAG        +/-     OBS 

--------  ------------  ---------  -----  --  ---  ---

20141030.924  11.08V     0.02  Diego Rodriguez

OBS: Diego Rodriguez-Guadarrama Observatory


TEL: LX200 25-cm f/6.3

CCD: ST8XME+ V,R filters

CAT: USNO A2.0 / CMC-14

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Spectroscopic identifictaion : dwarf nova in outburst

Paolo Berardi (L'Aquila, Italia) identified the object as a dwarf nova in outburst 

Strong blue continuum, faint narrow emission of H alpha, broad absorptions for other Balmer lines

Spectrum can be seen on Aras Forum :

Best regards

François Teyssier, TFM

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