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PNV J17184504-2454221 (Ophiuchus)

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PNV J17184504-2454221 (Ophiuchus)

Dear friends,

According to TOCP-CBAT:

2017 11 11.374
Discovered by S. Kaneko, Kakegawa, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, with on 4-s exposure on four frames using Canon 6D digital camera + f/3.2 200-mm lens under the limiting mag = 13.2, who gives mag= 9.4 on Nov. [11.]375 UT and writes that nothing is visible at this location on a frame taken on November 4 UT.

2017 11 11.78
Three Gaia DR1 sources (all of 20 mag) are within 6" of the reported position of this transient. --- Patrick Schmeer (Saarbrücken-Bischmisheim, Germany)

On 2017 Nov. 11 at 22:47 UT, AAX observed this object and estimated its visual magnitude at 9.8 using Tycho-2 stars.

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2017 Nov 12 at 22:43 UT,

2017 Nov 12 at 22:43 UT, magnitude 10.0: using comps 96 and 107 (Tycho-2), observed by AAX.

Please observe this nova!

It has now been spectroscopically confirmed as a nova (, and we have requested Fermi to alter their sky-survey pattern so it would be more sensitive to any gamma-rays from it.

So: please observe this nova, even though I know it is very challenging to do so given it is rather close to the Sun. A good optical light curve is the foundation of everything else we do. If you can, we'd like to watch out for any color changes (B-V or perhaps V-I?) If you're set up for spectroscopy, this would be a fun object to observe.

Thanks - Koji Mukai

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I have observed the star the past two nights. Airmass is close to 3.

Data are with the AAVSO database.


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AAVSO sequence

I imaged the nova on 12 Nov 2017 and decided to review my estimate using the AAVSO sequence which wasn't available at the time.  I located the 93 & 99 comp stars in my images (two sets at different exposures) and in both the 93 is much dimmer than the 99.  Is there a mistake?  Thanks.  Used a 2-deg AAVSO chart, X21538UT.

Cheers -

Rob Kaufman KBJ

Sebastian Otero
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93 and 99 comp stars

Hi Rob,

We checked and everything is correct. The available data from all surveys (APASS, Tycho, ASAS-3) is consistent, showing constant objects at the given magnitudes.
Maybe an eclipse in the 93 comp star?

Can anyone else confirm?


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Thanks Sebastian - sorry but

Thanks Sebastian - sorry but I mixed them up, 93 for 99.  All OK.

Cheers -


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Alert Notice 605 on PNV J17184504-2454221

AAVSO Alert Notice 605 announces and reports on the galactic nova in Oph, PNV J17184504-2454221. Please see the notice for details and observing instructions, including a request from Dr. Koji Mukai, who has target-of-opportunity observations planned with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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