PNV J17561375-2942546: possible nova (11.5 mag) in Sagittarius

Association Francaise des Observateurs d'Etoiles Variables (AFOEV)
Fri, 01/31/2020 - 23:55

PNV J17561375-2942546 (N:)

RA 17 56 13.75, DE -29 42 54.6 (J2000.0)
2020 Jan. 30.8568 UT, mag. 11.5
Discoverer: Minoru Yamamoto (Okazaki, Aichi, Japan)

2020 01 30.8568 UT
Minoru Yamamoto, Okazaki, Aichi, Japan, reported his discovery of this PNV to NAOJ on 2020 Jan. 31.5715 UT. He discovered it on a frame taken on 2020 Jan. 30.85679 UT using CANON 6D DSLR + 180mm F3.5 lens. He reported the position RA 17 56 13.75, Dec -29 42 54.6 (2000.0, measurer H. Kaneda) and magnitude 11.5 (limiting mag 12.5). He confirmed this PNV on Jan. 31.83899 UT (mag. 11.6).

Spectroscopy, precise astrometry, and multiband photometry are urgently required.

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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

A sequence is now available for V6566 Sgr (N Sgr 2020). The field is extremely crowded, and it is recommended to create an 'f' or 'g' scale chart (18.5 arcmin and 7.5 arcmin, respectively). Many thanks to AAVSO Sequence Team member Tom Bretl!

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