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Possible bright nova in Scorpio? (13 June 2012)

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Possible bright nova in Scorpio? (13 June 2012)

Is this correct?  A mag +1.3 object at 17 32 08.40 -43 57 30.6

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It's mag 10, and probably very red

Cross-post from VSNET:


According to Nishiyama-san and Kabashima-san, the correct position and
brightness of the object are R.A.=17h 32m 08s.40, Decl.=-43o 57' 01".3
and mag ~ 10.

CCD images of the object obtained with a 0.25-m telescope at Kwasan
Observatory yield position end figures 08s.38, 00".5 (+/- 0.5", UCAC2
catalogue for position reference stars) and the following magnitudes:
Jun 13.683 9.24Ic
13.684 11.96Rc

There is a bright 2MASS object (2MASS J17320840-4357001; J=7.639,
H=6.436, K=5.622) at this position which can be identified as
IRAS 17285-4354.

Best regards,
Hiroyuki Maehara

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